KISS – Keep it simple stupid


I was thinking about running programmes, programming and how to make it work for me. Personally at the moment I’m focusing on some short term goals, keeping my runs consistent but also focusing on my weekly milage, which got me thinking, whats the most simple programme i can give to someone looking to start running a bit further so here it is. 1 x long run, 1 x short fast run and 1 x interval run a week with a mix of weight training and circuits. For instance if you can only run around 5km at the moment but aim to take it unto 10 km id start –

Week 1 – 1 x 5km
1 x 3km fast
1 x 30 seconds fast run and 1 min recovery walk/jog x 15

Week 2 – 1 x 6km
1 x 3km fast
1 x 1 min fast run 1 minute recovery x 10

Week 3 – 1 x 7km
1 x 4km fast
1 x 1 min fast run 30 seconds recovery x 15

This blog will be a mixture of training, running, coffee and pizza, if you have any questions of need any help just leave a comment or use the contact page!

Stay Strong


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