My Top 3 Podcasts For Long Runs.

Sometimes I find long runs are not too exciting, especially if i’m running alone. So, to make it more interesting I listen to books using an app called ‘Audible’ or I keep up to date with my favourite podcasts on iTunes.

I find it’s a great way to keep on going during long runs and I learn more at the same time!

As I tend to listen to fitness and health based podcasts it really helps me keep up to date and learn more on different areas. In turn helping me with my own runs and also with training my clients at work. Win win!IMG_8759

Here’s my top 3 podcasts –

1 – Everything Endurance Beyond the Ultimate with Kris King and Will Roberts. In the podcast series they speak to endurance athletes, coaches and nutritionists, so worth a listen if you want some sound advice and for a good laugh.

Find it HERE

2 – The Tim Ferriss Show – Creator of ‘The 4 Hour Body’ and ‘The 4 Hour work Week’, in his podcast he interviews the greatest minds in the world and has a lot of awesome content for every area of your life from fitness performance, sleeping and lots of life hacks!

Find it HERE

3 – The Rich Roll Podcast – He’s an ultra athlete and best selling author. His podcast interviews forward thinking minds from nutritionists, doctors, entrepreneurs and everything in between.

Find it HERE

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