Im Too Fat To Run…


The one thing i like about running is that it’s for everyone, everyone can run! I hear a lot of people say “i can’t run”, “I’m to heavy to run”, “I’m not fit enough to run” and even “I’m not made to run”.

Believe me i thought all of these at many points in my training and before events. All sorts of thoughts run though your head when going to the start line or when trying to motivate yourself to go out training. Whether its park run or an ultra marathon, “Am i going to finish”, “what if i die”, “what if i haven’t had the right breakfast” and “what if i haven’t tied my laces right”. We’ve all been there, it may be the reason you haven’t entered a race or taken the plunge to start running.

As part of this blog and my journey into ultra running I’d like to help as many people as possible to find a way into running. I’m a big believer of breaking down barriers and with running there isn’t any except yourself and your own motivation. One its free, Two you just need some trainers and Three in England and in many countries you can just go out your front door and run, so there isn’t any excuse.

Where to start I hear you ask?

Firstly just get out, don’t worry about how far, pace or time, just get round the block or up the lane, even if it just a walk to begin with or a run/walk just get out. Try and do this 3-4x a week. Focus on one thing at a time and if you don’t currently run, getting out is your first port of call!

Secondly once you nailed getting out and only then should you look at your distance. Track yourself on apps like Strava or MapMyRun (I’m sure there’s others out there) and see how far you go on a daily and weekly basis. It’ll feel great looking back at the end of the week and seeing how much you have accomplished!

Using these distances try to add and an extra 2-5km every few weeks. So if on Week 1 you do 10km total, Week 2 aim to do another 10km week. Then Week 3 aim for 12-15km. Don’t try to do too much too soon, it’s a long and slow progression that’ll make it doable.

You don’t have to be fit to start running … running will build your fitness!

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”
― Dean Karnazes

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  1. Great advice – so many people try to go from nothing to 5 workouts and not enough calories and burn out. Gradual increase allows your body to adapt – you maybe don’t even need to change your diet to much if you have gone from not a lot of exercise to doing something regularly.


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