Born To Run?

Born To Run?

If your a runner, just starting out or just want a good read then i’d recommend the book – Born to run – the hidden tribe, the ultra runners and the greatest race the world has never seen by Christopher McDougall.

For me this book has helped my running, understanding technique a little better, getting more information around the minimal shoe vs supported shoe and a history into an ultra running tribe.

Off the back of this book I got out my Vibram 5 finger shoes (the book talks about running barefoot and the benefits). I started training in the gym in them but hadn’t yet ran in them. When I began training for the Jurassic Coast Ultra I decided to try running in them and eventually completed day 2 of the 3 day event wearing them. They felt great, i liked the lightness of them and felt like i ran better. Although over long distances I definitely found I personally needed more cushion!!!

I then heard about the Vivo barefoot shoes which are a minimalist shoe with a little bit more sole to them than the 5 finger Vibrams. They’re great, but i still feel i need something different for long runs. The idea behind barefoot shoes is to feel the floor more, strengthen my feet and ankles, proprioception and help improve the way i run. So, although i don’t run all the time in them i feel it benefits me to wear the Vivo barefoot shoes for shorter runs, throughout the day and for gym training.

(Tip 1 – always try different things to see what you prefer, do your own research as we all suit different things)


Once i got into the book, it gave me extra motivation to go running and to see running as something different other than exercise (I’m still working on this!!). It has taught me to focus on technique, breathing and relaxing whilst i’m running.

There is lots going on in the book around the Tarahumara tribe, athletes, science and history of running. I enjoyed the read mainly because of the mix of science, research and the story around this amazing tribe of runners. It kept me going back!


If you have any recommendations on books then please drop me a comment!

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