Gower – That will motivate you.

As part of the lead up to the Jungle Ultra in June 2018, I have some amazing races lined up. My first race is to test myself over an ultra distance (anything over 26.2 miles) in The Gower Ultra in November. 35.3 miles and a total ascent of 4551ft around the Gower peninsula. To put that into context, 4551ft of ascent in real terms is around 500ft higher than Snowdon, so its not to be taken lightly!!

The Gower was the first place in Britain to be designated as an “area of outstanding natural beauty” so it’s going to be an awesome place to run, walk and most likely crawl around. With the course being a mixture of grass, moor, beach and rock its going to be a great way to test out shoes and myself over different terrain. The weather on the other hand won’t do much to prepare me for the Jungle Ultra. I’m sure we can count on it being warm, cold, wet and windy so being prepared for all is essential.

In this race I’m going to be joined by Scott, a new comer as well to ultra running and the Gower will also be his furthest distance ran in one go. Coming off the back of his honeymoon I’m sure he is well rested and ready to put in the training over the next 34 days.

Link to the event HERE


Keep an eye on my blog for updates on my training and to see how the race goes!

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