3 Myths About Running

We’ve heard them all or even said them ourselves, so heres my 3 myths about running.

Runners don’t need to strength train – 

In fact strength training will help your running. By strengthening the muscles used in running, we can improve performance, look better and reduce the risk of injury. I’ve put together a basic strength training plan which you can find HERE.

Run more to become better – 

Running further or running more wont necessarily make you a better runner. You need to ‘Work smarter not harder”. Doing short fast runs, fartlek runs, hill runs and interval runs will go further to make you a better runner. Use different stimulus to make your muscles adapt and your lungs work hard! Click HERE for my hill run workout. Quality over quantity is the main thing here!

You have to be fit to run – 

Wrong, you can use running to get fitter. If you have never ran before or have done no training you can still run. Get your trainers on and get out. You can use a run/walk method up to 5km or even an ultra marathon. Start off slow and build up. Walk 1 minute, run 1 minute for 15 minutes and slowing increase the time you’re out week by week.

If you’re out, you’re faster than those on the couch.

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