Tamp Culture…

Ever find yourself running out of coffee? 

I started this blog with the intention of logging my journey into ultra running and helping people find a way to get motivated to run. If I can help motivate just one person then my job here is done. As the title of my blog suggests, I’m a massive fan of pizza and coffee, so I’m also throwing in some great places to get some good brew. What more can you want in a blog than great places for coffee and pizza?

So this is for Tamp culture, the best place to get great coffee in Reading. This isn’t Starbucks, this isn’t soy iced frappe latte or some other concoction. This is awesome coffee. This is proper coffee.

For me I’m an espresso drinker and theirs hits the spot, loads of flavour and extracted to near perfection!

They also sell some great coffee beans from Ethiopia, Honduras and a few others. If I’m going past I always grab a bag so I have great coffee at home!

Check their website out – Tamp Culture

If you know of any great coffee shops, drop them in the comments!

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