Becoming a DAD!

Friday 13th 11.54 an 8 pound 6 ounce change in my life happened. Alex and I had a little baby girl, Imogen Florence Hopkins. It was the most amazing experience and hard to put into words. I knew she was upon us at some point that week so I couldn’t go off too far on long runs in case she decided to come. Following in the footsteps of her mum …she was late, not just a day or two, 12 days late!! I’m sure she was just doing her make up or something, a thing that not many guys will understand.

If you’ve had children, you’ve heard all the stories, from my point of view it wasn’t as bad as they all make out. Alex was just amazing and we had great support from all family and the hospital.

Taking 10 days off from running wasn’t tough as Alex and Imogen had my attention. Becoming a dad changes your whole view on life, changes your priorities and changes you. Overnight.

In the last 10 days with all the newborn madness I have also managed to get in a full body workout. A client of mine cancelled so I had a spare hour and made the most of it.

With the Gower Ultra marathon only a few weeks away I needed to get my longer runs in. So far my longest run in this training cycle has been 24km. Scott and I decided it was time to hit our 20 mile run on Sunday. With Alex looking after Imogen we headed to Henley to run a loop around the town. Lots of ups and downs in the terrain and the run its self, Scott kept me going as I didn’t have a great preparation leading into this run (not much sleep!). Another great reason to have a running partner. You’ll both have your good and bad days when you need a little extra help to keep going.

The run started well with a long climb and a good pace. I think I had a case of runners belly or something as I didn’t feel great. About 10 miles in I had to do a Paula Radcliffe in the woods and sacrifice my top in aid of a clean run (I’ll leave that to your imagination), lucky I had a spare!Carrying on after my first wilderness accident, things went from bad to worse. My lungs felt fine, it was my body giving up. Making me pay for taking 10 days off and bad nutrition (who knew I could actually forget to eat!) . Pushing on I had to walk the last 3-4 miles to prevent another accident this time next to the river. Scott did a great job in dragging me the last miles back to the car. In a few weeks we will have to cover another 16 miles on top of what we did.

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