In search of coffee

Beanberry coffee, Kingston.

This place is awesome. It’s definitely for the coffee nerd that wants to have a choice in the coffee and the brewing process. 

First thing that got my attention was the list of beans, from single origin to seasonal blends. You know it’s going to be good when you see that. 

Second was the choice of espresso, v60 and chemex. I did spot a syphon filter as-well. I went for an espresso (you should have guessed) which was great, extracted well and presented on a nice bit of wood. I’m sure this adds to the experience. 

Little things in coffee shops that make the difference for me is having water that you can help yourself to, simple cakes and good service. Here you get all three in a minimalistic setting with good atmosphere. 

Where they make the coffees sticks out into where you sit, this gives a more included feeling to the place. They don’t hind anything either, you can see exactly how it all goes on! 

So if your around Kingston and fancy a decent coffee, forget the Nero and Starbucks and head to Beanberry! 

Here’s a link to their site
Beanberry coffee shop

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