Rees Take On Life.

Your Life is your life, it is what you make of it. You have chances and you need to take them while you have the opportunity to do so. If you are going to try go all the way but make time for everything and everyone. 

Before fatherhood I had all the time in the world! Most of it was spent procrastinating….how many of us waste time when we actually have it…only you can answer that question. For the last 3 years I have channelled my energy into training. 

I’m delighted that Aaron asked me to write a few words for his blog. 

Who is Aaron, a trusted friend, Coach, Mentor and now a father himself! With Children comes responsibilities a very steep learning curve from the moment they take their first breathe on the outside. When a child arrives they consume all of your time that was spent procrastinating….in the early days, weeks and months ahead you have the opportunity to see them grow, smile and laugh…eventually walking, running and talking! 

One is a challenge, two feels like a whole other level! Yes I did it twice! My first born Nieve (2.5 years old) and my friend who has the ability to share and we can be part of each other’s memories and Now Baby Rafe (3 months old) he smiles a lot! 

So we know this isn’t a blog about children but the reference above is important they are my life, my wife and I created them so it’s important is it not that I offer them every opportunity and show them how to deal with challenges. 

I don’t run not like Aaron that’s his battle…my battle was hitting 30 and wanting to find a channel for my stress levels and most importantly achieve something, one thing for myself, something that wasn’t materialistic. Back then I had time but I didn’t use it, right now time is challenging. 

 Guess what I am learning more now and achieving more now. I’m setting goals and learning more skills…..86,400 seconds in a day, you have to use them. Skills in the gym in turn drive skills with my children. How I see myself, my mentality and who I am. Not being strong or looking good…that helps but for Nieve it’s seeing me happy, teaching her that success is anything you want it to be.  

A healthy mind is a healthy soul and the gym for me is my escapism…my church if you like! Nieve knows when I’m in the zone she enjoys saying….Daddy where you going? To the Gym?

My time there is mine but I give back 100 times more to her, my son, my wife, my family and my entire network of friends.

To close off make time…..for you! This will fuel your desire to find time for everyone around you. The best method for most battles in life is healthy living and fitness. Next year my agenda is NLP…you can find me at PTU Personal Training…Coach Rees… Husband of Emma, Father to Nieve and Rafe and Business Partner to Aaron…not to mention Imogen’s positive influence as she grows big and strong! 

Written by – Rees Fox

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