How to keep your New Years fitness resolution?

We all should take new year as a time to set some goals, look back on the year and focus our efforts in doing what we love, improving yourself and helping others. I thought I’d put together this to help you keep up the new resolution and smash your goals. Whilst I by no means think you should change yourself, there is no harm in striving for a greater you and for a healthier new you.

To achieve something, you’ve never had before, you must do something you’ve never done before. Love this!

1 – Set a goal (sounds simple but surprising how many people don’t do this)

Have something to aim for, something that’s going to light the fire inside you, something you actually want to achieve for yourself. No one else.

Start with the first goal and go get it. Don’t stop until you’re there. Whether that be a work goal, a fitness goal or a health goal. Go smash it!


2 – Have an Incentive…

Once you’ve got your goal have a little incentive for achieving that. A little treat for you. Some new shoes, a meal out or just a few rest days. Something you can look forward to. Remember, once you’ve got to your goal it will be easier to maintain and stay there but you have to get there first! There is no easy way out, just try working really hard for one goal at a time and just see how it makes you feel when you achieve it.


3 – Shop…

Get some new gym or running gear before you start or a new diary. I know for me It helps motivate me to get going sometimes. A new top or shorts, I love to put them to use. Or a new diary to set goals or just plan really gets me motivated in a positive way.


4 – Keep off the scales!!!!

Don’t weigh yourself every day people!!!! I know people that do this and it really isn’t always as effective as they hope. Whilst it is not at all all about fat loss, some people are aiming to lose weight. If this is your goal to lose fat, keep an eye on your weight once a week, that’s it. Put your focus in running better, training smarter and eating better and the results will follow. Rather than what weight you have lost. It’s about what you’re gaining not what you’re losing!


5 – Find a buddy

It’s a great way to build your friendship and have someone accountable to you. Its been shown that having a friend to join your journey helps. Its also great to have someone to talk to when the going get tough. A running and training partner is great as well, it will help you to work harder and build friendly competition. We know you want to beat them and they want to beat you so it’s fair game. I personally have found this benefits me all the time. It can be lonely but with someone who has similar goals it is a lot easier.


6 – Don’t quit after one bad day! Trust me

So you had a bad day on the diet? Who cares. You had a bad day in the gym? No one cares. Draw a line and move forward. We all have bad days but we can’t let affect the process towards the goal! Pick yourself up and go get it!


7 – Set goals and programmes you will stick to.

Increase miles slowly and gym sessions that you can stick to. Don’t go out and do 10 miles if you have never done 1. Increase miles every week not every session. Trust me! With the gym, set an amount of sessions you can stick to for the first 3 weeks, then add another session in slowly. You don’t want to break yourself before you have started. It’s about long term goals, not doing it all at once. Slow and steady wins the race. Just be patient.



The main way to reach any goal is being consistent. Hitting your sessions every month. Sticking to your nutrition. Going to bed and getting good sleep. Every day. Every week.  Every month. Every year. From experience this is a big thing I remind myself of. I may have a bad day, but it doesn’t matter. Go smash it the next day and it’s better than doing nothing.


COMMIT TO GREATNESS. You’re amazing and you’ve got this! Trust in yourself and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

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