3 Essentials For Winter Running. 

Not only are these products part of my essential kit for winter running in the U.K., they also make fantastic gifts for that mad runner friend or family member. These will go down a treat and score you some serious points! 

Following on from my last blog post that Jo wrote for me the first tip to winter running is get the right gear! (find it here – 5 Tips For Winter Running)

1 – Gloves.

For me and I’m sure many others, when the winter sets in here in the U.K it’s freezing. Your extremities are going to be the first to get cold. Get yourself some good gloves to keep your hands warm and you wont feel the cold as much. This is a key one for me as I hate my hands being cold and if you want to keep a good pace your arms need to be moving, not your hands stuck in your pocket.

I have the – Montane Windjammer Gloves. For me these are the gloves of winter. Super warm, windproof and touchscreen compatible. Not the cheapest gloves but you won’t regret getting them. 

Here’s a link to the windjammer gloves 

2 – A good base layer.

When the winds are cutting, temperatures are minus and you want to get that run in, a good base layer is going to be a god send. Keeping your body covered in the winter is key. Not only will a good base layer help circulation it will help reduce risk of injury by keeping you warm. I always opt for a compression base layer on my legs, on my upper I tend to just make sure I have something long sleeved. A good base also helps to wick away sweat from next to your skin and keep you that little bit dryer. 

I love to use Skins or 2XU, they both produce some great base layers and are pretty much stocked everywhere now. You can’t have too many pairs either! 

Here’s a link to Skins 

Here’s a link to 2XU 

3 – Head Torch.

As winter sets in, days get shorter and it gets dark. Along with something reflective you should have a good head torch. It’s vital you see where you’re going and what you’re running on. You don’t want to trip and hurt yourself on something silly like a branch or pothole. 
I invested in the Silva trail runner 3 ultra head torch. It’s a great head touch with all the features you need as a runner. It’s light, shines bright at 250 Lumens, has a safety light included and has intelligent light which is well worth it. The intelligent light give you a long beam and a wide short beam which doesn’t bounce and moves with you so you can keep your balance and run fast.

Here’s a link to the Silva Head Torch 

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