70km, 44 miles 5 check points

70km, 44 miles 5 check points and weather that doesn’t know if to rain or snow.

 I guess we should start by saying that England beat Wales fair and square. That wasn’t a try, he had no control and even said himself he felt “some” pressure. Not very convincing.

 Pre race meal, pizza. What else!

Now that’s out the way and England on top we knew we had to finish this race!

It started out nice and flat at a good speed along the trail path next to the river. There was over 350 starters starting on a single path so it was a bit congested for about 2km.

We got to an unassuming hill, I heard a man say “this is the worst one” thinking “oh great get this one out the way and it’s plain sailing!”, yeah right he didn’t mention that it went on for about 10km. It was a real sapper. Scott pushed on for one section as I soon realised it wasn’t going to stop climbing anytime soon. After about 300m I caught back up with him and he realised this is going to be a hill to power walk up! We still had 50km left after the climb and needed to save the legs.

When we peaked it was an Inviting change to run downhill for a few kilometres until we had to climb again!


At the check points we were conscious to get in some food, they had some good flapjacks, those one pound foil tray ones. At around checkpoint 3 I decided to bomb down some jaffa cakes, boost bar and a Lucozade. We set back off, me not feeling to great, started to feel sick. Too much food? Strange flavour Lucozade? Who knows but it all came back up, a chocolaty mix of everything. I spent the next few kilometres getting the water down, Scott didn’t let me stop drinking.

In this race you could leave a drop bag which scott used to his advantage and changed to road shoes at that check point. I kept with my trail shoes which for me where very comfortable and proved to be good training as I think I’ve found my shoe for the jurassic coast and the jungle ultra.

After all our ups and downs darkness had come upon us. Head touches on, walking down a what seemed to be a never ending path for about 5km. Popping out the end onto the main road to the finish line.

I thought we would’ve been last and the finish been a an eery, empty car park. It wasn’t and to our surprise there were a considerable amount of people waiting for runners to come in and cheering everyone on. It was a great feeling to cross the line, something I think you can only really experience if you take your body to those extremes.

Our time was 10:34:09.3 and we came 208 out of 253 with 90 people dropping out.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 07.02.36

To tell the truth we was both pretty broken by the finish line. It was a great training run for us and we can both take away a lot from it.

Keep an eye out for our next few races.

You can sponsor me HERE for two amazing charities.


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