Where do I start on an about me page? Does anybody even look at these?
Firstly I’m a Personal trainer and gym owner (www.pt-u.co.uk). A retired rugby player, had my knee reconstructed and in 2016 did my first powerlifting competition. Now in 2017 a year later I’m writing this, a journey into ultra running and beyond. For those that know me, I haven’t always been the biggest fan of running for running purposes.
As a coach, I like to do my own experiments and delve deep into territory not known to me. I love a challenge, I really do. So I’ve taken it upon myself to go into this world of running to see what I can discover, about myself and the whole long distance running concept.
I’m also a massive coffee snob and pizza lover. So with a few hints of coffee and slices of pizza to keep me going this will be one epic adventure!
This isn’t all about me though. As my journey evolves I hope to help motivate people to take up running from 5km to 100miles. To make a better version of themselves and to grab the world by its horns and smash every day. I’m not a Mr motivator kind of person, I’m a suck it up and push on person. So, if I can motivate or help just one person on their journey then i’ll be happy!
Along this process I will be raising money for 2 charities – JDRF and Alexander Devine, 2 amazing charities, if you would like to donate check out my donation page!

Instagram: @MyCoffeeandPizza

Facebook: MyCoffeeandPizza

I will be posting about running, pizza and coffee. Mainly running!


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